Nanosolar Nanocell 2.6 Watt Lightweight Flexible CIGS Solar Cell

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47026 Nanocell
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Nanosolar Nanocell 2.6 Watt Lightweight Flexible CIGS Solar Cell
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Nanosolar Nanocell 2.6 Watt Lightweight Flexible CIGS Solar Cell.

These are available in lots of various quantities. They are rated at about 0.45 volts at 5.8 amps and are a flexible cell made on a semi rigid but flexible aluminum base. We have found conductive glues or epoxy the best way to connect these cells.

Download: Nanosolar Nanocell Preliminary Cell Spec Sheet

Manufacturers Specifications

  • Raw Solar Cell Uncoated
  • Rated Power: 2.6 Watts per cell
  • Vmpp (V) 0.45
  • Impp (A) 5.8
  • Voc (V) 0.61
  • Isc (A) 6.7
  • Operating Module Temperature -40 to +85C
  • Length: 165mm (6.5 inches)
  • Width: 135mm (5.3 inches)
  • Height: 0.4mm (0.02 inches)
  • Weight: 18.5g per cell
  • Raw Solar Cell Uncoated
  • Lightweight Aluminum Structure CIGS Solar Cells which are Semi-Flexible

    These raw flexible solar cells are extremely rare and have never been offered for sale to the public before. These came from the last experimental production runs at the Nanosolar Facility in California. The facility and company was liquidated during September and October of 2013. We can ship these in bin racks of 1,000 cells and cartons of 7,000 cells if you would like larger quantities.

    These are raw solar cells and will degrade if not encapsulated in weather tight enclosure. Also they are made of aluminum and to connect them you will need to use a conductive glue or special Alumiflux rosin with solder. Nanosolar used an ultrasonic welder to connect the cells in production. These solar cells can be previewed at our facility in Ventura, California.

    The large area of metal (nickel coated aluminum) back is the positive output of the cell. The thin strip of uncoated aluminum on the front is the negative output of the cell.