Name Brand Various Machinery Liquidation Lot - Accepting Offers

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Name Brand Various  Machinery Liquidation Lot - Accepting Offers

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  • Delta Sonics R5 x 1012-7 Automated Cleaning System
  • Grand Rapids NO. 60 Grinder
  • --TBD-- --TBD-- Conveyor w/oven top dryer
  • Cober 56F Microwave Furnace w/ generator S6F
  • Weaver 20 KVA Transformer
  • Gyra-Vib --TBD-- Shaker Tables
  • Crittenden 66KVA Transformer
  • New Long LS-30 Screen Printer
  • Presco 645 Silkscreen Printer
  • Auto Roll Roto 400 Silkscreen Printer
  • --TBD-- MB Wire Stitching Machine
  • Neslab EX500 Constant Temp Bath
  • Barnes --TBD-- Magnetic Filter
  • Harrop Electric --TBD-- Control Cabinet
  • Bunn --TBD-- Strapping Machine
  • Prodex --TBD-- Control Cabinet
  • Clarke Power Cell Floor Cleaner
  • Kodak IMT-250 Micro-image terminal
  • VFC 30 Vibratory Feeder
  • Liebert --TBD-- Air Condensing Unit
  • --Furnace-- 1000-c Oven w/ Kanthal hot rods
  • Bryant --TBD-- Grinder
  • Square D 30 KVA Transformer
  • Spitfire SPF8824PM Rotary Surface Lapping Mach
  • Bliss HDD-250-25-R4-25-25 HYD Dual Action Forming Press
  • Loomis 120 TON Extruder
  • American Seven Stage Electroless Plating System
  • Reeco C 5000 Exhaust After Burner

    There are also many miscellaneous pumps, hoppers, ovens, oven control cabinets, stainless pots & vibratory equipment. We are working on putting a list together for that as well. Entire lot of equipment priced at $100,000 or best offer. Please submit all offers.