Mui Scientific Manometric Pump System (PIP-4-8)

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Mui Scientific Manometric Pump System (PIP-4-8)

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Mui Scientific PIP-4-8 Manometric Pump
  • PIP-4 Series, 8 Outlets
  • The Electrically Powered Manometric Pump uses regulated compressed air to deliver distilled water through very small bore capillary tubing to the motility catheter. The pressurized water from each capillary tube is connected to a pressure transducer and then passes through one lumen of the multi-lumen catheter to that lumen's single opening into the esophagus of the patient. The pressure changes in the esophagus are transmitted through the fluid path back to the externally mounted transducer.: i.e. the water serves as a pressure-tranmission medium.
  • This is an early model of this system. We are unable to test it. Sold As-Is.