MRSI 505 Ultra-Precise Assembly Work Cell

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MRSI 505  Ultra-Precise Assembly Work Cell

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MRSI-505 Ultra-Precise Assembly Work Cell
  • An ultra-precision, vision-guided, fully automatic, high speed robotic assembly unit for PCB Semiconductor Pick & Place.
  • This unit was custom designed for Xerox in 12/1995.
    Features Include:
  • Solid Granite Overhead and Base Platform
  • Two Linear Anarad DC Motors for X-Y Axis with Glass Encoders for .5 Micron Resolution - High Precision
  • One Brushless Ball Screw Drive Motor on Z Axis
  • Three Dual Magnification IR Camera System with Programmable Lighting feeding into single Control Unit for Digital Display (w/Look-up Camera for Flip Chip)
  • Power Source, Card Rack with Controller Boards, Rack Mount Industrial Computer Source
  • Vacuum Surface Pick Up Valves, Meter & Tubing
  • Replacement and Upgrade Parts for Installed MRSI 505
  • Platform for Building Special Application MRSI 505
  • Platform for Building Specialized Robotic Work Cell

    This item was custom designed for Xerox in 1995 and is intended as a platform for building a specialized robotic assembly unit or as a parts source for owners of MRSI work cells. The unit appears to be in good condition with additional accessories. Software is loaded on the system however we cannot confirm it complete nor current. We cannot confirm that all system components are complete. This item is used and is being sold as is no warranty.