Moore 3410 Moore 3410 Forms Detacher Burster

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Moore 3410  Moore 3410 Forms Detacher Burster

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  • Moore M 3410 Detacher
  • Electronic solid state controls.
  • In-Feed Guides with Precision Tractor Feed. Electronic Form Depth Setup.
  • Selectable Last Form Sensor.
  • Electronic Static Neutralizer.
  • Variable Speed Conveyor Stacker or Deep Stacker Options.
  • Large Capacity Trim Bin w/Bin Full Indicator.
  • Fully Enclosed For Quiet Operation.
  • SpeediSealer Interface Built-in.
  • Chemical Resistant Rollers.
  • Large Capacity Trim Winder.
  • This unit was under original manufacturers Maintenance agreement from time of sale and is currently eligible for continued manufacturers support.

    This item was pulled from a working environment and appears to be in good condition. This item is used and shows signs of normal wear with minior scuffs and scrapes. No manual or peripherals are included.