MKS MicroPirani Vacuum Digital Transducer 10-5 Torr to Atmosphere (925-12030)

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MKS MicroPirani Vacuum Digital Transducer 10-5 Torr to Atmosphere (925-12030)

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The 925 MicroPirani transducer is a thermal conductivity vacuum gauge based on a unique, MEMS-based (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) vacuum sensor. The 925 offers analog voltage output, digital interface and set point relays for process controlling. This MKS MicroPirani Vacuum Transducter will measure above Atmosphere to Medium Vacuum (1.0x10-5 to 760 Torr)

  • MKS Part Number: 925-12030
  • Fitting: NW 16 KF
  • Communication: RS485/Analog
  • Connection Relays: 15 pin HD sub-D male, 3 relays
  • Display: None
  • Compatible Accessories: USB Adapter for Series 900 Vacuum Transducers and PDR900 Vacuum Gauge Controller.

  • Increased measurement range from 10-5 Torr to Atmosphere, two decades beyond a standard Pirani
  • Analog output and digital communication
  • Mountable in any orientation
  • Three optional set point relays for process control
  • Applications:

    The 925 vacuum gauge can be used in many different vacuum monitoring and control applications, such as semiconductor, analytical, and industrial coating (solar) and freeze drying:

  • General vacuum pressure measurement
  • Foreline and roughing pressure measurement
  • Gas backfilling measurement and control
  • Mass spectrometer control
  • Activation of UHV gauges
  • System process control (interlocks, valves, pumps) Control system pressure
  • MFG Specifications