MKS 901P-41030 Micropirani/Piezo Loadlock Transducer

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MKS 901P-41030  Micropirani/Piezo Loadlock Transducer

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MKS 901P-41030 Micropirani/Piezo Loadlock Transducer
  • Designed for the loadlock environment, the Series 901P Loadlock Transducer combines Piezo and MicroPirani? sensor technologies. The combined output provides higher accuracy, stability, repeatability and an expedited response time than conventional thermal conductivity gauges.
  • Accurate absolute pressure measurement from 1,000 to 10-5 Torr
  • Gas independent absolute pressure measurement from 50 to 1,000 Torr
  • Accurate atmospheric pressure reading independent of gas type and barometric pressure changes
  • Mountable in any orientation for ease of installation with no loss of measurement accuracy
  • MicroPirani? solid state sensor is resistant to damage from air inrush or vibration
  • Specifications:
  • Sensor Type 1: MicroPirani? (MEMS Thermal Conductivity)
  • Sensor Type 2: Piezo differential (MEMS diaphragm)
  • Measuring Range Absolute: 1.0 x 10-5 Torr to 1500 Torr
  • Measuring Range Differential: -760 to +760 Torr
  • Set Point Range Absolute: 5.0 x 10-4 Torr to 1000 Torr
  • Set Point Range Differential: -760 to +100 Torr
  • Calibration Gas: Air, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, H2, H2O vapor, CO2, Xenon, Neon
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0