Mitsubishi XC-3315C Video Monitor

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Mitsubishi XC-3315C  Video Monitor

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33 Screen (31.2 viewable) Inputs: 2-75Ohm, S-Vid, RGB, Analog. Computer Inputs: TTL, Analog RGB, SVGA. 800x600 Resolution, Stereo Sound, Internal / External Speakers, 100 - 240 Volts Switchable. The Mitsubishi XC-3315C Color Video Monitor is an extremely competent and versatile performer. Dual Voltage allows this unit to be used outside the US. It has numerous inputs for video and computer signals. This unit has been tested (input from VCR), produces a very good image and responds to all electrical and mechanical controls. The front control panel cover is missing and it has minor scuffs and scrapes. Structural integrity is very good; no gouges or dents. Date of manufacture: 8-92. The unit was obtained from a large supplier of professional A-V eqipment. No manuals or peripherals included. Unit Weight: 175lbs, Unit Dimensions: 30.5x26x23.5.