Millipore 6300100 Portable water laboratory - w/ Field incubator

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  • Millipore Portable Bacteriological water test kit
  • Brand New Millipore 6300100 (Bacteriological water test kit).
  • Portable water laboratory with built-in incubator.
  • Used to test water for coliform bacteria.
  • The kit consists of a durable, poratable incubator
  • Stainless steel 47mm filter holder assembly
  • vacuum syringe
  • S.S. forceps
  • Stainless steel graduated sampling cup
  • The incubator is designed for field incubation of microbiological test filters, independent of laboratory facilities, and an incubating temperature adjustable between 27 deg. C and 60 deg. C.
  • The incubator operates on 12 or 24 volts DC for field use, and on 115 or 220 volts AC for laboratory use.
  • Temperature is set and adjusted by a continuously variable control, and is indicated in degrees C by a thermometer which is included.
  • Materials: Fiberglass-reinforced plastic case with Lucite-covered well and stainless steel rack.
  • Temperature Control: 27-60 deg. C. Variation is +/- 1.0 Deg. C in stable ambients from -40 deg. C.
  • Capacity: 30 monitors (37mm); 18 petri Dishes (47mm): or 24 samplers.
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 10.5 x 11.5.
  • Shipping Weight 15.0 pounds.
  • Includes supplies and manual.