Microtek MRS-3200A3 Scanmaker 9800XL with TMA 1600 Adapter

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The 9800XL features:
  • 48 Bit color
  • 3200 x 1600-dpi optical resolution
  • A 12 x 17 reflective scan bed
  • 3.7 Maximum Optical Density with multiple sampling to reduce random image noise
  • FireWire, USB, and SCSI-2 interfaces
  • The Transparent Media Adapter (TMA 1600) lets you scan transparencies up to 12 x 16 - including X-Rays
  • The transparency adapter includes a set of film templates for 35mm slides, 35mm strips, medium format film and 5 x 4 film

    This scanner is used but is in mint condition with very little use, it is very clean. The TMA is still in factory wrapping but not boxed.