Metrotech 850 Metrotech 850 Line Tracer

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Metrotech 850  Metrotech 850 Line Tracer

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Metrotech 850 Cable and Pipe Locator / Line Tracer

Complete w/all accessories & carrying case. Metrotech 850 Cable Line Tracer Locator for locating gas sevices, transmission lines, cable and power lines, water services and mains. This 850 locator includes the Receiver, the Transmitter, Ground Rod Conductive Attachment, Power Supply for charging transmitter battery and Carrying Case.This is a step up from the Metrotech 810 model, due to the fact it has Low and High signal strength functions. You can locate at further distances with this feature.

  • Searchlight quality of high radio frequency band is ideal for inductive locating when other modes are not available.
  • Blind searching Single frequency locator precisely tuned for extreme sensitivity. Fully automatic gain control. No manual gain adjustments required, compensating for changes in signal strength caused by changes in conductor depth.
  • Visual and audible left/right guidance system for operation.
  • Digital signal strength indicator for isolation between conductors. It has peak and null settings eliminating the need to switch modes.
  • Push-button Depth Indicator for instant depth readout in inches or centimeters. Lightweight, excellent balance.
  • Tough plastic carrying case takes a beating so your locator doesn't have to. Anyone can use this locator with basic understanding.

    This Metrotech 850 Cable and Pipe Locator / Line Tracer has been powered up and tested, both transmitters and receivers. They work fine, no further testing has been done. It is sold as is with no warranty. No manual or peripherals are included.