Matrox MAT-M3D/N Memory Upgrade - Vintage 2MB PCI Card

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Matrox MAT-M3D/N  Memory Upgrade - Vintage 2MB PCI Card

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. Matrox m3D takes you to the outer limits of 3D gaming. Combining high-speed 30 frames/second game play with support for up to 1024 x 768 resolution, Matrox m3D gives you the edge you need to truly enjoy today's Direct3D games. Speed is everything. Especially when playing today's action-packed Direct3D games. Matrox m3D turbo-charges your games at over 30 frames per second so you'll get real-time response and hours of non-stop, arcade action. Bigger is better. With Matrox m3D, you can now play compatible 3D games at up to 1024 x 768 resolution. At this higher resolution, the images in your games will be more clearly defined for a truly immersive and realistic gaming experience. Matrox m3D works as a companion upgrade to your existing Direct Draw compatible PCI or AGP card with 2MB or more of memory. All you have to do is insert it into an available PCI slot in your PCI or AGP Intel Pentium system. It's also specially optimized for Matrox Mystique, Mystique 220, Millennium, and Millennium II graphics cards and works with the Matrox Rainbow Runner Studio video editing module.