Marconi TF1247 Q-meter with 20-300 MHz Oscillator

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Marconi TF1247  Q-meter with 20-300 MHz Oscillator

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Marconi TF1247 Q-meter with the matching 20-300 MHz Oscillator
  • The Q-meter itself is operational to 50 kHz
  • This is foremost a Q-meter, or as the Englishmen say: Circuit Magnification Meter.
  • This is the right side instrument and the oscillator for it is on the left.
  • The oscillator seldom comes with the instrument so this is a nice and somewhat unusual set.
  • The Q-meter is superb, it is one of the best, and it has a variable capacitor to kill for!

    This oscillator came to us from a retiring electrical engineer who used this in his calibration and product development electronics lab.