Lotus Technologies CSS Hard Drive Tester System (7100)

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Lotus Technologies CSS Hard Drive Tester System (7100)
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Lotus Technologies 7100 CSS Hard Drive Tester System
  • 4 Each 7100 CSS tester modules w/ 3-axis micro-gaging
  • 1 Each 7000 motor controller module
  • 1 Each 7000 rack mount system computer
  • System computer contains:
  • 1 ea 486DX Motherboard with ALI chipset (M1425C)
  • 1 ea Lotus 1100-0010 Acoustic Emissions PCB
  • 2 ea Lotus 1100-0030 Smart Strain Amplifier
  • 1 ea Delta-Tau PMAC-PC Programmable Multi Axis Controller
  • 1 ea Turbo Comm +4 4 port serial interface board
  • Includes Cables
  • This item was deinstalled from a large manufacturing company that recently closed operations. This item is being We have powered up the system, the computer boots to OS2, the CSS software operates the controller module and the 4 CSS modules, all functions operate except the four spindle motors fail to turn. If you have any questions please contact us before bidding. It can be previewed by appointment on during business hours 8am to 5pm M-F.