Linotronic 300 LinoType Imagesetter

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Linotronic 300  LinoType Imagesetter

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Linotronic 300
This system will accept both MAC and PC files and can produce both RC paper and film.

  • Film imagesetter, 1270 to 2540 dpi, 85-200 line screen
  • Media 12 inch wide film.
  • This item is being sold ONLY with what is shown in the photos. No peripherals or software included.
  • Sold AS-IS FOR PARTS only.

    We plugged this item in and the power light comes on, but the screen does not illuminate. We have not tested further. This item is being sold AS-IS FOR PARTS only. If you have any questions about this equipment please call AL our technician at No manual or peripherals are included.