Leybold 297 22 Electropneumatic Vacuum Valve

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Leybold 297 22  Electropneumatic Vacuum Valve

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  • The bellows-sealed right-angle valves and straight-through valves are compact, smooth operating valves suitable for high-vacuum use. Their desigh with bellows-sealed drive shaft ensures very low leak rates even during actuation of the valve. Their conductance in the medium and high-vacuum range is virtually the same as that of coresponding pipe fittings (pipe bends).
  • The inner part with bellows can readily be changed and cleaned.
  • The electropneumatic actuator is easily removed.
  • The bellows-sealed valves have visual position indication.
  • An electrical valve position indicator (Cat. No. 287 80) can also be fitted subsequently.
  • Includes service and parts manuals

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