Lesco LCM-100 Multi-Cure UV Conveyor based UV Curing System

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Lesco LCM-100  Multi-Cure UV Conveyor based UV Curing System

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Lesco LCM-100 Multi-Cure UV Conveyor Curing System
The LMC-100 is a semi-automatic conveyor based UV curing system for edge handling applications, such as conformal coating of PCB's. It features LESCO's exclusive Multicure controlled cycling lamp system for reduction of thermal rise in both substrate and coating. This system is designed to achieve a high level of flexibility in handling parts of varying widths and heights, as well as varying throughput speeds, lamp types and power densities.

  • (2) Fusion UV Curing EPIQ 6000 P600 (6000 Watt) Power Supplies
  • (2) Fusion UV Curing 10 UV Lamps
  • Dimensions: 56D x 86W x 68H
  • 20 conveyor belt
  • Requires 480 volts, three phase, at 60 Hz . (Operation from 200, 208, 220, or 240 volt requires customer supplied step-up transformer(s).
  • Line Power Required: 10.8 kva, 3 phase (6.2 kva/phase).

    This Lesco UV Curing System was recently removed from service. It has been visually inspected and appears to be complete, however, our building does not have 480 Volt 3 Phase power to test this system. We have not powered it up to test. It is sold as is with no warranty. . If you have any questions please call our tech department at (805) 648-3300.