Leitz 561007 Leitz Trinocular Head Scientific Microscope

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Leitz 561007  Leitz Trinocular Head Scientific Microscope

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Leitz Precision Microscope 561007 Trinocular Head Scientific Microscope

Precision Leitz microscope manufactured in Wetzlar, Germany. The Leitz company has been making precision microscopes for over 125 years.

  • Trinocular head which allows the mounting of a camera to look straight through to the sample
  • Precision X-Y axis slide table for sample positioning and measurement
  • Upper and Lower slide table lighting(only 1 light source can be energized at a time based on power supply design)
  • The objectives have been removed from the lens mount(5 lens capacity)
  • The power supply for this unit is included, rated 60 VA.

    The lights have been tested and appears to be in good working order. A power supply for the microscope is included. The microscope does not come equiped with objectives.