Intermec DX200S Maxilan Scanner w/Intermec Magscan

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Intermec DX200S  Maxilan Scanner w/Intermec Magscan

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. Designed specifically for use on the production or shop floor, the Intermec MaxiLAN features a rugged, environmentally sealed enclosure. It meets NEMA-12 standards for resistance to splashes, drips, dust and other possible contaminants. Typical applications include packaging line control, manufacturing tracking, control and monitoring, and inspection and QC

  • Includes Intermec Magscan UBI Wedge Magnetic Stip Reader
  • Intel DX 486 processor
  • Solid state disk drive
  • 4MB DRAM
  • 512K SRAM
  • Built-in Ethernet 10BASE-T Networking
  • Ports for wand, laser, serial (2), parallel
  • External keyboard
  • Units are complete w/ Intermec Power Supply & cables!
  • Each unit contains 1ea 4mb 30 pin Simm (Hyundai HY514400A)

    This item was pulled from a working environment and appears to be in very good / like new condition. All units have been tested to power up and boot to the C prompt. No manual or peripherals are included. It can be previewed at our facility in Ventura, Ca during business hours 8am to 5pm M - F.