Infoseal 2620-00 Document Feeder - MMF-TAB

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Infoseal 2620-00  Document Feeder - MMF-TAB

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Infoseal 2620-00 Document Feeder
  • The model 2620 Document Feeder for use with the InfoSeal 2612 Mid-Range Folder Sealer. The new feeder holds 250 sheets of 24# - 28# InfoSeal. The feeder is modular in design and can be retrofitted to any existing Mid-Range InfoSeal system. Documents are stack loaded onto an elevator platform, which eliminates the need for an operator to shingle the forms prior to loading. The result is an easier system to use with a smoother pick-off of the documents and less operator intervention. The 2620 feeder is equipped with a double feed detector ensuring document integrity on each run. The 2620 feeder is designed for use with 11 and 14 single ply InfoSeal forms. Output has also been improved with the 2625 Output Stack Rollers. The 2625 roller assembly improves the stacking on the Midrange system to coincide with the improved feeding. The new rollers are a standard feature on all 2612 Midrange Folder Sealers and can be added to any existing TAB or Pitney Bowes Midrange system. So upgrade both the infeed and output with the 2620/2625 Upgrade Kit. It makes processing InfoSeal almost effortless.
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