ICS RMX-17CRT/TS Advent 17" Rack Mount CRT Monitor

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ICS RMX-17CRT/TS  Advent 17" Rack Mount CRT Monitor

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ICS RMX-17CRT/TS Advent Rackmount Monitor
  • 0.27mm dot pitch display
  • The RMX-17CRT (/TS) monitors are 17-inch diagonal, dark-tinted, non-glare etched, FST with Invar shadow mask with unlimited display colors. Maximum resolution is 1280 x 1024/65Hz NI. The monitors? scanning frequencies are 30-70 KHz (horizontal) and 50-120 Hz (vertical). It has a video bandwidth of 110 MHz (dot rate). These monitors features 11 factory preset memory modes. On-screen adjustment controls include contrast, brightness, horizontal and vertical size and position, rotation, color selection, language, display frequency, and a host of others. Power requirements are 90-132/180-256 VAC, 50/60 Hz, with 120 watts maximum power consumption.