HP Distributed Terminal Controller (DTC) 2345A (2345A)

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HP Distributed Terminal Controller (DTC) 2345A (2345A)

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HP Distributed Terminal Controller (DTC) 2345A
  • The HP 2345A Distributed Terminal Controller (DTC) provides the connection between asynchronous devices and the HP 3000 Series 900 computers. The DTC is housed in its own box, outside of the system cabinet. This alleviates system limitations, which are based solely on cabinet space considerations, and allows flexibility in the layout of terminal cables.
  • 1 - 25-pin RS-232-C modem connections, each with six ports
  • 5 - 3-pin RS-232-C local connections, each with eight ports
  • 1 - LAN Interface Controller (LANIC) Card with Thin LAN connection
  • Options #803 and #242
  • It can provide connections for up to 48 local devices or 36 remote devices using modems.
  • Includes a box of cables