HP D8514A LC 2000 PIII 533/128mb/CD Server - HP Boxed

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HP D8514A  LC 2000 PIII 533/128mb/CD Server - HP Boxed

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  • LC 2000 Pentium III 533 mhz
  • Memory: 128 MB SDRam PC-133 (expandable to 4GB)
  • Hard Disk Drive: Open Bay - no HDD
  • Bus Speed: 133Mhz front-side Bus
  • Storage: 3.5 1.44MB and 32X speed IDE CDrom Drive
  • Storage Controller: Embedded dual channel Ultra-2 SCSI
  • Integrated 10/100TX NIC (supports redundant NICs)
  • Video: Embedded ATI Rage IIc Video Controller, 2MB SGram
  • Power Supply: 349 Watts Dual Voltage
  • Operating Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 2000. Novel Netware 4.2, 5.0. Red Hat Linus. SCO OpenServer and UnixWare. IBM OS/2.
  • Dual processor capable with 133mhz front side bus
  • Includes manuals and installation software
  • Refurbished by HP in HP box
  • 90 day warranty from HP
  • Shipping weight approximately 90 pounds.

    Refubished by HP in HP box. It is sold with 90 day warranty from HP. Includes manuals and installation software.