HP 85 Microcomputer 1980 Collectable Calculator

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HP 85  Microcomputer 1980 Collectable Calculator

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  • No response when turned on only get a curser on the screen - keyboard does not respond on the screen.
  • HP's First Personal Computer
  • 8 bit microprocessor
  • 5 inch screen
  • Calculator
  • originally sold for $3650 in 1980.
  • great for vintage collectors and refurbishing
  • missing comma key.
  • 82936A ROM Drawer: 00085-15005 Advanced Prgm, 00085-15002 Plotter/Printer, 00085-15003 Input/Output, 00085-15001 Mass Storage, 00085-15004 Matrix, 00085-15007 Assembler
  • 82903A 16K Memory Module

    This Classic HP 85 Microcomputer turns on and can be previewed at our facility in Ventura, California. It does need some refurbishing and is missing the comma key, however it is a great vintage computer collectable.