HP 7046A X-Y Recorder 2 Pen High Speed

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HP 7046A  X-Y Recorder 2 Pen High Speed

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  • 2-Pen, High Speed
  • Front and rear input.
  • Floating, guarded. Polarity reversal switch on front panel
  • Input Ranges: 0.5mV/in. to 10V/in. (metric available in 0.25mV/cm to 5V/cm). Continuous vernier between ranges
  • Input Resistance: 1 megohm constant on all ranges
  • Time Base: Optional: 6 speeds; 0.25 to 50 sec/cm (English is 0.5 to 100 sec/in.) switchable to X axis
  • Writing Area: 25 x 38 cm (10 x 15)

    This recorder has been powered up however no further testing has been done. It came to us from a large aerospace research lab and can be previewed at our facility in Ventura, California.