HP 6268B Power Supply 40V/30A/1200W

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HP 6268B  Power Supply 40V/30A/1200W

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Hewlett Packard, Model 6268B DC Lab Power Supply- 40V/30A/1200W

Features Include:
  • Provides: 0-40 Volts DC @ 0-30 AMPS,in excellent condition!!
  • The Hewlett Packard 6268B DC Power Supply is a precision regulated DC lab supply that can be utilized for any application in electronic circuit design or repair.
  • The DC supply provides, 0-40 Volts @ 0-30 AMPS constant voltage and / or constant current (C/V, C/C) with adjustable over voltage protection.
  • The analog meters provide accurate readings of both voltage and amperage.
  • The rear panel current output connections are buss bar type with additional connections that provide remote sense and voltage programing / tracking capabilities.
  • This is truly a laboratory grade power supply with hum and noise specifications measured in micro volts and supply regulation accurate to +/- .01%.
  • This unit has been rewired for 110 Volt input

    This item powers up and responds to manual controls. However, it is being sold as is with no warranty. The top cover to the power supply is missing. No manual or peripherals are included.