HP 3776B PCM Terminal Test Set w/ Option 001 - As Is

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HP 3776B  PCM Terminal Test Set w/ Option 001 - As Is
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PCM Terminal Test Set w/ Option 001 Features:
  • Makes comprehensive voice and data measurements on 4kHz bandwidth, analog and digital channels.
  • Besides testing PCM multiplexers and channel banks, these instruments also provide powerful facilities for testing transmultiplexers and digital switching systems.
  • Both versions of HP's Terminal Test Set are fully programmable from an external controller via the HP-IB.
  • Fulfills the measurement needs of North American/ Bell and Japanese transmission network systems.
  • Performs the measurements needed for both analog and digital testing on 4kHz systems.
  • Provides the capability to set and monitor PCM streams and signaling bits.
  • Can generate a DS-1 digital stream containing framing and signaling bits set by the user.
  • Includes option 001: envelope delay distortion, remodulation, absolute delay, phase jitter, transient and gain hits, phase hits, dropouts and 3 level impulse noise.
  • Rear panel monitor output.
  • Needs fuse to power up