HP 11720A Pulse Modulator 2-18 GHz

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HP 11720A  Pulse Modulator 2-18 GHz

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  • Specifications include: Insertion loss: <6 dB (2 to 12.4GHz), <10 dB (2 to 18GHz)
  • Maximum RF input power is +20 dBm and maximum Repetition rate is >5MHz, Minimum RF pulse width is <50 ns.
  • Pulse input >3 V (on), <0.5 V (off) in normal mode. Impedance is 50-ohms nominal
  • The HP Agilent 11720A features include extremely short rise and fall times (<10 ns) and a high ON/OFF ratio (>80 dB) making it suitable for almost any pulsed RF application. .

    This pulse modulator came to us from a retiring electrical engineer who used this in his calibration and product development electronics lab.