Headway research EC101DT - R485 Digital Photo Resist Spinner

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Headway research EC101DT - R485  Digital Photo Resist Spinner

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EC101DT Digital Photo Resist Spinner
The EC101DT spinner series offers high acceleration, high torque, electronic speed regulation, automatic cycle control, and automatic braking. The electronics are housed in the motor controller and the motor package is nitrogen purgable.

  • The Motor Control Unit contains a full wave SCR motor drive circuitry. The unit includes a digital tachometer and timer. The acceleration adjustment is accessible on the front panel. The digital cycle timer is adjustable over a time range of 1 to 999 seconds. The digital tachometer on the front panel indicates spinner speed directly in thousands of RPM.
  • The EC101DT spinners are supplied with a dual function footswitch. The front part of the footswitch initiates the spin cycle. The rear part stops the cycle if desired.
  • Comes with R485 Bowl Assembly, capable of spinning up to 3.5 diameter substrates. The bowl arrangement is designed for minimum space requirements. The spinner has a rectangular box with polished stainless steel cover, stainless bowl and fume exhaust port.

    This item is brand new in a brown box. It comes only with the peripherals shown in the photos.