Global Atmospherics Inc. 51001 Electrical Lightning Storm ID System

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Global Atmospherics Inc. 51001  Electrical Lightning Storm ID System

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Global Atmospherics Inc. 51001 Electrical Storm ID System
This device is an accurate and reliable short-range thunderstorm detection and lightning ranging system. It detects both cloud-to-ground and cloud lightning discharges. The system provides a range estimate for cloud-to-ground lightning discharges from thunderstorms that occur within approximately 30 miles. For a nearby storm or a storm that develops overhead, the cloud lightning detection can sometimes provide advance warning of cloud-to-ground lightning. The current uses for this system include:
  • Triggering sirens at recreational areas and golf courses
  • Initiating shut down and isolation of power and communication cables
  • Switching facilities off commercial power and onto local generator and/or battery power
  • Signaling safety personnel at military and industrial sites

    This Global Atmospheres Storm ID System appears like new in high quality road case. It includes a manual. We are not familiar with this type of equipment and have not tested it and it is being sold as is.