Generic BCC52 Processor Basic Computer Controller

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Generic BCC52 Processor  Basic Computer Controller

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BCC52 SBC 8052 MMZ8 bus
  • The BCC52 contains sockets for up to 48 KB of RAM/EPROM
  • an intelligent 2764/128 EPROM programmer
  • three parallel ports
  • a serial terminal port with auto baud rate selection
  • a serial printer port
  • bus compatible with the full line of BCC-bus expansion boards
  • The BCC52 bridges the gap between expensive programmable controllers and hard-to-justify, price-sensitive control applications
  • BASIC-52?s full floating-point BASIC is fast and efficient enough for the most complicated tasks, while its cost-effective design allows it to be considered for many new areas of implementation. It can be used both for development and end-use applications.