Fisher Scientific 20 Model 20 Surface Tensiometer

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Fisher Scientific 20  Model 20 Surface Tensiometer

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Fisher Scientific Model 20 Surface Tensiometer
  • Allows upward & downward measurement of tension
  • Dual scale is graduated from 0 to 90 dynes/cm in clockwise and counter-clockwise direction
  • Torsion to raise ring and simultaneously lower table is applied manually
  • Eliminates parallaz errors by aligning index needle on lever arm with line on mirror
  • Performs ASTM D 971-99a (oil-water interfacial tension procedures) & D 1331-89 (methods for measuring surface and interfacial tension for detergents)
  • Employs Nouy ring method for direct results w/ no calculations
  • Accuracy equals data from capillary-height or drop-weight measurements to within 0.25%