Electro Scientific Industries 1249 IC Functional Tester

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Electro Scientific Industries 1249  IC Functional Tester

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The model 1249 Tester is a tool for rapidly evaluating digital integrated circuits. The instrument will test devices of the DTL (Diode Transistor Logic), TTL (Transistor Logic), HTL (High Threshold Logic), & CMOS (Complementary metal oxide semiconductor) families. It can also be used to check continuity of packaged resistance networks. Interchangeable test sockets permit insertion of devices packaged in 14 - or 16 pin DIP (Dual In-Line Package) formats. It also interfaces with automatic DIP Handlers. It operates in a closed loop cinfiguration, which allows it to adapt to handlers of various speeds!

  • 14-Pin IC Test Platform
  • Manual Reference Code Selecter
  • 14 User Selectable Device Set Switches
  • Easy to Read Pass/Fail LEDs
  • 6 Preset Test Modes
  • Manual is Included
  • Interface Cable is Not Included

    This item is complete and powers up, however, we were unable to fully test it. This item is being sold as is.