Edwards E610A 24" eBeam/Thermal Evaporator Vacuum Deposition Sys

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Edwards E610A  24" eBeam/Thermal Evaporator Vacuum Deposition Sys

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Edwards E610A 24 eBeam/Thermal Evaporator Vacuum Deposition System
  • Vacuum System: Cryo Pumped CTI CryoTorr 10 (Requires Repair) w/CTI Compressor and Edwards E2M40 2-Stage Roughing Pump
  • Airco Temescal CV-8 e-Beam Power Supply and Controller: Triode Tube, 8kV, 1 Gun
  • Temescal XYS-8 Sweep Controller, Six Pocket
  • Airco Temescal FDC-8000 Film Deposition Controller
  • Edwards Type 250B Controller
  • Edwards Current Current Controller
  • Granville-Phillips 316 Convectron Vacuum Gauge Controller
  • Granville-Phillips 270 Ionization Sources
  • Water Cooled Bell Jar (24 Inch Diameter x 28.3 Inch High) with Hydraulic Hoist w/View Port
  • Neslab HX-300 Chiller
  • 208V 60Hz 3-Phase

    Uninstalled as non-working because the cryo-pump failed and will need to be rebuilt. We have a good source for rebuilt Cryopumps and can refer you. This product can be previewed at our facility in Ventura, CA during normal business hours 8am to 5pm M-F.