Digi EtherLite 16 16 Port RJ-45 Terminal Server

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Digi EtherLite 16  16 Port RJ-45 Terminal Server

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Digi EtherLite 16 -16 Port RJ-45 Terminal Server EL 16 (50000976) The EtherLite family of products facilitates easy installation and management of multiple serial ports anywhere on an Ethernet LAN running TCP/IP. The device uses one IP address and multiplexes all serial ports into a single TCP/IP session. Full RAS support is provided on Windows NT and 2000. Flash memory facilitates instant field upgrades. DHCP is supported for easy IP address configuration. The EtherLite 16 uses an internal power supply. EtherLite models feature an embedded 80C186 microcontroller with 512K of SRAM and 128K of flash EPROM.

  • Attaches to Ethernet 10/100 and multiplexes traffic from 16 115.2 Kbps EIA-232, RJ-45 serial ports into a single IP address TCP/IP session.
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