DEC LA120-DA DECwriter III / DECprinter III Terminal Printer

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DEC LA120-DA  DECwriter III / DECprinter III Terminal Printer

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  • Missing bottom left key on keyboard - All function lights stay on - unable to test.
  • 25 Pin Male Interface DECwriter III/DECprinter III

    The DECwriter III and DECprinter III are serial, dot-matrix, pedestal-mounted printers that combine bidirectional printing and a 1K character buffer to achieve 180 character-per-second throughput. The printhead automatically seeks the next print position, skipping over large areas of white space. With over 200,000 DECwriter III and DECprinter III printers already sold, these products have achieved a solid reputation for continued reliability.

  • 180-character-per-second bidirectional printing ? for fast throughput.
  • 1,000 character-line buffer ? Enables the printer to accept characters faster than it can print them and to look ahead to find the shortest path to the next print position. This eliminates the need for fill characters when operating at 1,200 bits per second and improves throughput and utilizes the communication line efficiently. There is an optional 4K buffer.
  • Selectable baud rates ? Offers 14 data rates from 50 to 9600 baud plus eight split baud rates with five different half- and full-duplex modes for versatility in meeting communications requirements.
  • Full and half-duplex modem support ? Allows the printer to be connected to a modem or acoustic coupler, for compatibility with the dial-up telephone network.
  • Adjustable margins, tabs, and forms settings ? Top, bottom, left and right margins as well as horizontal and vertical tabs are easily adjustable and the set-up commands can be held in nonvolatile memory.
  • Multipart form capability ? The LA120 prints on six-part forms and a special model has been developed that prints on nine-part forms.
  • Selectable character pitches ? With eight different horizontal pitches and six different line spacings to choose from, the LA120 provid