Data Products Jolt Transparency Enhancers - Hobby Enclosure

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Data Products Jolt  Transparency Enhancers - Hobby Enclosure

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Brand New in Box! Dataproducts Jolt Transparency Enhancer. Great Electronic Enclosure Box for Prototype Development. Includes Many Usable Electronic Devices!

  • The Dataproducts Jolt Transparency Enhancer is a stand alone device which is designed to enhance the color projection capabilities of transparencies. Transparencies are manually fed, one at a time, then automatically processed by the Transparency enhancer in less than one minute.
  • Parts inside the hinged case include AC motor, gears, plated rollers, heater, lighted toggle switch, safety switch, power supply, filtered AC power input module, springs, clamps, power cord, and more!
  • Steel base with hinged plastic cover.
  • Interior dimensions are 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 4.5 inches high.
  • Developed by Dataproducts to smooth blotchy solid inkjet output on solid inkjet transparencies.
  • These are brand new and have many useful parts for alternative uses.

    This item is brand new in a brown box. It comes only with the peripherals shown in the photos.