Data Comm Data Comm DL-56 Modem DL-56

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Data Comm Data Comm DL-56 Modem DL-56
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Data Comm Data Comm DL-56 Modem (DL-56)
  • For use with DDS or equivalent digital services. The DL-56/64 complies with Bell system encoding, decoding, timing, interface and diagnostic standards.
  • Master clock mode that allows it to be used in line driver mode over customer owned cable when operated at 56 Kbps.
  • Features
  • 56 or 64Kbps (56 Kbps only unit is availabe)
  • Both RS-232-D and V.35 interfaces
  • Synchronous
  • Point-to-point or multipoint
  • DDS service or line driver mode (line driver not available at 64 Kbps)
  • Responds to Bell defined current reversal loopback and non-latching loopback
  • Front panel loopback switch
  • Exceeds Telco RX attenuation specifications by more than 10 dB