Cybex 520-070 Cybex Slimline Commander KVM Switch

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Cybex 520-070  Cybex Slimline Commander KVM Switch

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Cybex Slimline Commander KVM Switch 520-070

Control up to 96 PCs or file servers with just one keyboard monitor and mouse!
Introducing the leanest, most streamlined member of the AutoBoot family. At 1.75 inches high, the Slimline Commander can fit into your computer rack using a minimum of panel space. The Slimline Commander integrates easily into your existing system, protecting your investment in equipment.
It supports the full range of VGA monitor types, including XGA,XGA-II and SVGA. Both serial and PS/2 mice are supported, as well as PC/AT and PS/2-style keyboards. No special adapters are required.
Commander's built-in scanning feature allows you to scan through the computers in your system sequentially without user intervention! Your keyboard remains operational during the scan process; scanning will pause while you work, and then resume with the next channel in sequence.
  • With Commander's Broadcast Mode you can enter data into multiple computers at the same time! You choose which computers to broadcast to. Once you enter Broadcast Mode, whatever you type will be sent to all of the computers you have designated.
  • Slimline Commander can easily keep pace with your growing system. A base unit supports two, four, six, or eight attached computers. Expansion units can be added on at any time, supporting up to eight computers each. Order only what you need now, and then add additional units as you need them.
  • The connector cables are not included

    This item was deinstalled from a working environment and appears to be in good condition but has not been tested. It is being sold as is with no warranty.The connector cables are not included.