Cybex 10616 Cybex PC Extender Plus (Transmitter and Receiver)

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Cybex 10616  Cybex PC Extender Plus (Transmitter and Receiver)

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  • Price is for the 2 Units (Transmitter and Receiver)
  • Cybex KMV Receiver ( PC Ext, RCVR, SNAP, Ext DIS) p/n 510-066 Rev B2
  • KMV Transmitter (Ext, XMTR, SNAP, Ext DIS) p/n 500-095 Rev D
  • The PC Extender Plus allows you to extend your monitor, keyboard and mouse up to 250 feet away from your system unit. Supports IBM PC, PC/XT, PC/AT, PS/2 and 100% compatibles. Compatible with monochrome color VGA/SVGA/XGA monitors. It supports up to 1024 x 768 non-interlaced resolution. Serial or PS/2 mouse support is also available. Working in a harsh environment or overcrowded environment could be harmful to your delicate system unit. Eliminate the risk with the PC-Extender Plus. Using a single extension cable, PC-Extender Plus lets you locate your keyboard, monitor and mouse where you work, and keep your systems unit up to 250 feet away. By removing your system unit from your busy work area, you protect the most valuable component of your system, while freeing up needed work space. PC-Extender Plus helps you maintain system security, as well. Place your system unit, software and sensitive data in a secure area to minimize tampering and damage.