Custom Wafer & Chip Screening Station Screening Station - New Lower Price!

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Custom Wafer & Chip Screening Station  Screening Station - New Lower Price!

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Semi-automated Computer Controlled Wafer and Chip Inspection Station with 10 Axis motion control utilizing Rotary and Linear Slide Stages, CCD Inspection Camera, fitted on a Newport Optical Vibration Isolation Table.

  • 9 Qty PPL (Pacific Precision Labs) ST-SLO4-V-P025 Fine .25 scale, 4 travel stages configured as 3 Qty 3-axis stages.
  • Six stages are fitted with Heidenhien glass scales Model: MSA 6706, ML 170MM, Interval 200M, with external filters.
  • Three stages are fitted with RSK Electronics Aluminum scales, MSA 6706, ML 120 and 170, pitch 0.02 mm .
  • All stages are fitted with Distributed Motion Inc. Servo Motor Drives, pn: R0062.
  • BEI MX213-25-1000 Rotary Stage.
  • Compumotor Motion Controllers Qty 9 model: DB-Drive housed in 3-Axis PPL X-Y-Z motion rackmount controller housing.
  • Compumotor S6-drive.
  • Compumotor Microstep Drive S Series Power supply.
  • Sony XC-77 CCD Video Camera with DC-77RR power supply, Sony SSM-121 Black & White Monitor.
  • Techniquip T-Q/FOI-1 150 W Fiber Optic Illuminator with light guide and Ring Illuminator.
  • Dual Bay 19 Inch Industrial Rack Cabinet. Manufactured by Wyle Electronic Enclosures. 78H x 30D x 46W with 17 Monitor Enclosure, Work Surface, External Monitor Arm, and Various Accessories.
  • ICS Advent Industrial Rack Mount Chasis with Single Board Pentium Computer
  • Delta Tau PMAC-PC ISA Motion Control Boards (2 Qty) $2,899 ea List, with PMAC-CPU Board (Gull).
  • Power Modual: Input 3Ph, 60hz, 20 amp, Output 110v, 2 front, 3 rear.
  • NRC Newport Optical Breadboard and Table Assembly, 48 x 36 x 2 w/ 1 hole spacing. Table set on Mohave Stand.
  • Stepper Servo Assembly: Data Tau (3 qty) PMAC ACC8- D, (3 qty) PMAC ACC8-D w/Opt 2a, 300 khz. With separate Rack with (4 qty) DC Power Supplies.
  • This is a custom built inspection station which has an estimated replacement cost of approximately $65,000.