Compaq Mixed Large Lot Compaq Deskpro Computers

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Compaq Mixed  Large Lot Compaq Deskpro Computers

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20 foot container of Multimedia Desktop Dual Voltage Computers ready for sale and shipment.(240) Used Compaq Deskpro 4000 Multimedia Tower ComputersMix of Pentium 133 and 166 (upgradable to 200mhz)32 MB ram, 1.6+ GB HDD, 1.44 Floppy DriveCD-rom Drive, Sound Card, NIC Network Card,Dual Voltage 110-220, w/Keyboards - $28 each(240) Compaq / Dell / Sony 15 Digital Control Monitors, Dual Voltage 110-220 - $30 eachPacking: We can pack them in 20 foot container for shipment total of 10 Pallets.FOB: Ventura, California.Warranty and Condition: We have quick tested them and warranty a minimum of 95% to be in good working condition. These are recently deinstalled from working corporate environment and are in good cosmetic condition.Lot Price: $13,920Terms: Prepay wire transfer