Cisco Systems CVPN 3002 Series Cisco VPN 3002 Hardware Client

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Cisco Systems CVPN 3002 Series  Cisco VPN 3002 Hardware Client

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Cisco Systems CVPN 3002 Series Cisco Hardware Client
  • The Cisco VPN 3002 Hardware Client is a small hardware appliance that operates as a client in Virtual Private Networking (VPN) environments.
  • Available in 2 modes, client mode and network extension mode, the VPN 3002 can be configured to either emulate the operation of the software client, or to establish a secure site-to-site connection with the central site device. Both modes use push policy and scale to very large numbers.
  • This version of the VPN 3002 client comes with one public 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet interface and one private 10/100-Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet interface
  • Features:
  • Designed for fast and easy deployment and scalability
  • Includes DHCP Client as well as a DHCP Server for up to 253 stations behind the 3002
  • Support for NAPT (Network Address Port Translation)
  • Supports Client Mode as well as Network Extension mode for application flexibility
  • Works in conjunction with any Operating System, such as Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.
  • Eliminates the need to add or support VPN applications on the PC or workstation
  • Seamless operation with existing applications
  • Auto upgrade capability automates upgrades with no user intervention required
  • Ideal for Extranet Applications
  • VPN 3000 3.0 Version
  • Has few local setup parameters and includes troubleshooting aids to ensure proper operation.
  • Not Included: 100-240V at 50/60 Hz with universal power factor correction; 4-ft cord and international pigtail power cord selection

    This Cisco Systems CVPN 3002 Series Cisco VPN 3002 Hardware Client is untested, but appears to be in good condition. However, it is being sold as is . Included with the Cisco VPN Hardware Client are VPN 3000 software, VPN Concentrator notes, VPN 3002 instructions, a terminal connector, and an Ethernet cable.