Card Technology Model 1 Plastic Card Embosser - As Is

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Card Technology Model 1  Plastic Card Embosser - As Is

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Card Technology Model 1 Card Embosser - As Is
  • This machine may be repairable but we do not have the knowledge to repair
  • Unit has 3 comm ports
  • Optional keyboard connector

  • As you can see from the photos the plastic cover has been broken. The hinges that attach cover to printer are broken also.
  • When we received this item it was apparent that the cover had been broken off. Upon inspection it was discovered that two of the cables connecting the cover controls to the main PCB had been pulled loose. We repaired the cables, bypassed the cover interlock switch and were able to get the unit to power up and respond to the cover controls. We were unable to test it any more. It's likely that this item would be fully functional with some minor repairs (new hinges and interlock switch djustment). This item is being sold AS IS