Canon CFX-L4000 Plain Paper Laser Facsimile

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Prints test page -- Broken plastic paper support
  • Automatic Document Feeder: Up to 30 Letter-Sized Sheets
  • Modem Speed: 14400 bps Automatic Fallback
  • Transmission Speed: Approx. 6 sec./Page (ECM-MMR Mode)
  • Printing Resolution: 406 pels/in. x 392 lines/in.
  • Paper Supply: 250-Sheet Front Cassette
  • Dialing: Automatic Dialing: 120 Speed Dials
  • Networking: Memory: Up to 42 Page* STD/128 Page* Upgrade Options Canon Express Protocol 2 (CEP 2)
  • Document Handling: Insta-Scan: Approx. 8 sheets/min. (LTR, Standard Mode) Full Dual Access
  • Imaging: UHQ VI Auto Halftone Mode (64 shades of gray) Ultra-Smoothing Printing Processing