Calcomp 900 Calcomp 900 Plotter with Reel to Reel Tape Drive

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Calcomp 900  Calcomp 900 Plotter with Reel to Reel Tape Drive

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Calcomp 900 Plotter Magnetic tape drive controller. The Calcomp programmable system capabilities and activities are fitted into a dynamic series of patterns, each shaped to a particular set of requirements but all relating to a common base?the CalComp Model 900 Controller, a stored program device. Extremely reliable and easily expandable, the Model 900 Controller is the key to the CalComp series of programmable off-line plotting systems. Created by CalComp to increase the efficiency and performance of your data processing operation, the Model 900 offers you an increasingly wider range of plotter applications while operating at significantly increased throughput speeds. The Model 937 Magnetic Tape Unit has been designed for utilization with the Model 900 Controller. The Model 937 MTU provides you with up to 60,000 byte / second input to the Model 900 Controller. A variety of flexible Computer-Output-Microfilm Systems, Precision Graphics Systems and Graphic Output Systems are offered by CalComp in the programmable mode.