CalComp 54424 Solus 4 Monochrome Laser Printer / Plotter D Size

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CalComp 54424  Solus 4 Monochrome Laser Printer / Plotter D Size

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Solus 4 400 DPI Network Monochrome Plain Paper Laser Printer / Plotter - Full D Size !!

  • Maximum Plot Size - ANSI D
  • Maximum Image Width 23.68 x 71.24
  • 400 x 400 DPI at 1.98 in/sec.
  • 120 MB Hard Disk Storage (Upgradeable)
  • Uses roll media including Opaque Paper, Tracing Paper, Vellum, and Matte Film.
  • Designed to produce high-quality hard copies from a range of Vector (CCGL/907/PCI, HP-GL, HP-GL/2), Raster (CCRF, CALSG4 CCITT, TIFF), and Versatec (VPI) data.
  • The Solus 4 Monochrome plotter allows you to setup the plotter to emulate up to 1,024 basic pen patterns and 1,024 pen colors.
  • Input: Includes 2 - 25 pin RS-232C serial ports, and 2- 36 pin centronics parallel port
  • Network Capable. Multitask data loading. All hardware interfaces are multiplexed.
  • Model: Calcomp 54424U.

    This item powers up and produces a message initializing please wait. According to the manual the initialization message can be passed if a computer is hooked to the plotter. It appears that the plotter is looking for some kind of handshake signal from the computer it is supposed to be hooked to. We have not hooked this plotter to a computer and it is being sold as is. It does come with the original manual. No other peripherals are included.