Byers 5500XP Micro Modifier-Graphic Imaging System (Package...)

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Byers 5500XP  Micro Modifier-Graphic Imaging System (Package...)

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Byers 5500XP Micro Modifier-PCB Image Modification System
Includes: Byers 5500XP, Two Olite AL 9, Olec AI 121, Olec AL 1CX, All Installation & Operation Manuals

  • 5500 XP Micro Modifier- PCB Image Modification System
    Extra Precision Micro Modifier Systems provide circuit image enhancement/alteration to meet production & QC requirements without re-plotting films.
  • Produces Solder Mask Films
  • Ground & Power Plane Images
  • Compensates Artwork For Production Losses
  • Reduces Touch-Up & Opaquing Time
  • Provides Total Control
  • .0001 Accuracy

  • Two Olite AL 9 - Self Contained Metal Halide Light
    The AL 9 uses the unique L 900 metal halide lamp. The additives in the lamp are carefully selected to generate spectral regions that are important for most graphic arts materials. The L 900 lamp Provides the optimum energy for exposure of most films and papers. In addition, it is also perfectly suitable for Diazo materals (plate resists), sensitive in the 410nm range as well as Photopolymer materials most sensitive in the 370nmarea. The enegry spectrograph below illustrates the wide coverage of the L 900 lamp. This exact conversion of electrical energy into effective wavelengths, with little waste, accounts for the exceptionally short exposures at great power savings.

    Olec AI 121 - Light Integrator
  • 3 Memories (one memory per intensity level)
  • Measure button. (Focus-manual ON)
  • Operates Tri-Level (OLEC) Lights
  • 120V~ Output
  • Delay control for vacuum pump
  • Timer/integrator

    Olec AL 1CX
  • Tiny filament for a true Point Light
  • Quartz Lamp for 1000 hr. life with consistent results
  • Baffle and Standard 3 square filter holder
  • 10-Tap Switch on the small Control Box
  • Recommended use with PA 82 photocell box & OLITE Int

    This item was pulled from a working environment and appears to be in good condition. It is sold as is with no warranty. No manual or peripherals are included. .