Burdick EK-8 Electrocardiograph ECG with Cables

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Burdick EK-8  Electrocardiograph ECG with Cables

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  • The EK-8 offers fully automatic operation with a 10-lead patient cable.
  • The EK-8 combines a heated stylus, chemically-responsive paper, a flat writing surface and rectilinear recording for ECG tracings of utmost clarity and accuracy. This diagnostic accuracy is made possible by the EK-8?s high frequency response, which exceeds min. AHA recommendations.
  • The EK-8 is equipped with an artifact filter, which enables the technician to record a diagnostically acceptable ECG in situations where excessive artifacts cannot be avoided. The operator merely switches the frequency-response switch on the front panel from AHA to FILTER and records as usual.
  • The lead-marking stylus automatically marks each lead in the upper margin of the paper. The markings appear once per lead during automatic operation. During manual operation the lead markings appear once per second, making it possible for the operator to check for correct paper speed.

    We do not warranty or refurbish medical equipment. No manual or peripherals included.