Bruce 7353 4 Stack 7" Vacuum Tube Furnace Parts

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Bruce 7353  4 Stack 7" Vacuum Tube Furnace Parts

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Bruce 7353 4 stack 6 to 7 Diffusion Furnace

The Bruce Oxidation Furnace is used for forming oxide on silicon wafers, using a dry or wet oxidation process. It can also be used for high temperature anneals.

  • 4 qty 7353 Bruce Microprocessor Controllers (3 complete and 1 needs powersupply)
  • Tube inside dimensions vary for the four furnaces. From top to bottom 7.0, 5.5, 6.5, and 7.0.
  • Load Station was set up for the Cantiliver but is not complete.
  • Designed for LPCVD with rack for Vacuum pump (no Vacuum pumps included)
  • This furnace assembly is comprised of 4 large pieces, and is disassembled currently. Shipping this furnace will require several pallets and motor freight delivery. The unit will have to be fully reassembled by the purchaser.

    This item is available as shown in the photos. It was in use in a semiconductor R&D facility until parts were removed to be used on another process. It is not complete. This item is being sold for its parts value. This item can be previewed and inspected by calling us to set an appointment at (805) 644 3100 during normal business hours 8am to 5pm M-F.